Rotary Club of Surat | Club ID : 15200 | R.I. District 3060


Donations of 20 oxygen cylinders

Rotary club of surat joined with the oxygen donation drive of SGCCI during second wave of covid and donated 20 oxygen cylinders.

Covid-19 Vaccination with Sadhna Kutir Hospital

From 15th March, Rotary Club of Surat has started the Covid 19 Vaccination Camp with Sadhna Kutir hospital Kim for 45yrs & above General Public daily. All Gov. Norms are being followed here. RC Surat helps by providing complete logistic facilities, promotion of Vaccination & actively volunteering daily for it

Campaign Social Media Covid -19 awareness

Awareness campaign for general public regarding Covid and educate them regarding precautions they need to take.

Distribution of Meal to Pregnant Ladies

Members of Rotary Club of Surat celebrated mamta day by distributing nutritious meals to 14 pregnant ladies residing around pal anganwadi area.

Distribution of healthy meals to the children of Pal Anganwadi

Members of rotary club of surat distributed nutritious meals to the kids of pal anganwadi. club is doing this activity every Saturday.

Distribution of Meal at Vatsalyapuram 24.10.2020

Rotary Club Of Surat has identified an orphanage where 35 kids are staying.Care taker is taking care of their daily needs,education and nutrition,Vatsalyapuram is always short of funds fulfilling their needs.healthy meal was served to kids as part of the project.

Teaching Yoga to Pregnant Ladies

Rotary Club of Surat teach some basic yoga which are required for good health of Pregnant Ladies.

Providing education to poor children

RCC Silver lining is providing education to 15-20 poor kids of Icchapore area. Besides education they are planning to take different educative workshops for the kids.

Khakhra Making & Distribution - Covid19

Rotary club of Surat has identified group of female whose family have no source of income and for them survival is difficult in these time. RCS has started a project in which these ladies make khakhra from their home and our club has identified people who can purchase from them. RCS members have also lined up home delivery for khakhra to purchasers house in current scenario.This is a small effort from our club helping ladies earn their livelihood with respect and making them self sufficient.